Carbon Night is a one person, two cat design team located in Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in design work that is rooted in research and science making sure your designs are impactful. In today’s visually driven world, it is imperative that sharing a product, idea or data set with the public is done in a format that is visually easy to understand and addresses important information quickly. Whether it’s a printed piece, a book, catalog, personal or product branding, an event invitation, website, digital or social media assets you’re looking for, Carbon Night will reference all aspects of research to create a solid campaign or marketing piece for your cause and need.

Great design is important on so many levels. It can be the reason you buy a product, the reason you support a cause or it can be the reason you relate to a fictional experience. It has empathy, can create passion or fuel a rebellion. It is the reason you can look at something without any words and still understand it’s purpose. It bridges cultures and progresses societies. Great design moves us in the direction of a better future for the world and the possibility to, one day, set foot on other planets.

Graphic Design

Looking for science backed or oriented design work? We can't wait to help you out with logo design, science illustrations, animations, catalogs, books covers, billboards, you name it, we can create it!

Web Design

Trying to gain a web presence to solidify your place in the playing field? We create custom designed websites to suit your needs from product design, or grant funded research profiles, to campaign awareness.

Social Media

We can create assets for a well-rounded social media campaign that suits your needs. From customized facebook cover photos to animated ads for your instagram following, Carbon Night's got you covered.

Meet the Team

Cat cuddles are just one of the secrets to great design.